Plant Based Goods

2717 Atwood Ave. Madison, WI

Walking in to Plant Based Goods, you’ll notice how wonderful the shop smells, an herbal, earthy scent that’s strangely both relaxing and invigorating. Unscented products are available, but natural scents take center stage. Orange blossom shower gel, tea tree oil shampoo and lavender body lotion line the natural wood shelves of the shop. One of my favorites, the child’s blend bedroom spray, is a mix of chamomile, lavender and mandarin — a perfect mix of scents to create a calming atmosphere at bedtime. The shop also offers medicinal teas, tinctures and essential oils, which can be blended to order.
— Amelia Cook Fontella, Isthmus

Refill Shop

Choose from a wide selection of carefully sourced soaps and cleaning products for the home and body. How does it work? Bring in your empty containers from home or buy bottles here to refill. Refilling makes Earth and health-conscious products affordable while keeping plastic out of landfills!


We host regular workshop series led by local experts on all things plant-based. Everything from how to make your own herbal cough drops, how to plant gardens for attracting pollinators, and how to save money by making your own simple laundry soap.  These take place in our workshop where we make many of the products sold on site. It’s a casual, welcoming space perfect for hands-on projects and interactive gatherings.


We combine body butters, oils, essential oils, floral waters, waxes, and powders into carefully crafted, healthful, body-care products. Come browse our selection of massage oils, facial serums and scrubs, bath products, baby care products, balms, and more.  

Transparency and affordability are key to our mission. The ingredients we use in our preparations are also for sale for anyone interested in making their own products. We have a wide variety of dried herbs, teas, carrier oils, and essential oils available in any quantity.